April 's hand begins the fourth trend Dune Ceramics ULTRAglam . The brown and brownish , green and pink give this trend a refreshing air.

In COPPER MIRROR , ARGUS and GLOBE parts we inspiradodo in copper tones and brownish .

All shades of green , from the brightest to the darkest and different tonaliades JOY was born and the same has happened with the pink protagonist in the mosaic NICE .

Five new Dune 2014 for collection as part of Emphasis both Stained as material. Dune Pieces for everyone in line with fashion and more contemporary.


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Increasingly popular the Dune showroom visits

One of the last visits took place on March 7 and came by a total of 15 people from Tarragona and Barcelona (Spain), including architects, interior designers and even a kitchen manufacturer. All of them highlighted the Dune design pieces and endless possibilities for unique projects. Just as varied and comprehensive decoration.

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How to use this Dune warranty? What are their conditions?

Have you bought Dune product and you want to activate your warranty of two years? Now it is easy, fast and simple in


Dune Ceramica S.L. presents its new two-year warranty. This warranty intends to provide our customers a high degree of confidence. Hereunder, we detail steps to be followed and necessary requirements to fill in Dune's warranty form.

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March begins with the third trend of Dune Cerámica: The midas Touch. Gold has been a popular trend during the last seasons, both in fashion and decoration. It comes back now, reinvented in organicand ultra-feminine creations.

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Gorgeous brightness, avant-garde designs and the covering reliefs of Medusa Pure Gold, Pure Gold, Tiffany Black, Absolut, Capitone Argent and Capitone Or... Dune pieces give to the Aura restaurant complex a rich design that amazes all customers and guests.

Aura restaurant, located in Avenida Ranillas 7 Zaragoza (Spain) is a large complex that has managed to combine elegance and distinction thanks to the amount of Dune pieces that contains in its interior. Resistant and quality ceramics that make up noble and design spaces; completely in accordance with the category of the local.

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Duck, Travel, Elephant, Ladybuf, Dinosaurs o Dolphins are some of the pictures that Dune has in the MyPrint Gallery for kids. A special decoration and a practice area that grow into...

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Dune debuts in February with the second trend of this 2014: Fifty Shades of Grey. A title with which we make a wink towards the famous saga novels of E.L. James; jumping from black to white though all the greay scale and three very different ways.

First of all, in the shape of hexagons where SOUL mosaic makes sense.

Secondly, vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes as central focus; present strokes in the OSIRIS or LUNE mosaics.

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In the Restaurant Lounge Bar Luminaa project located in Amsterdam, Holland (Leidseplein 20-22, 1017 PT Amsterdam) have been used two Dune wall tiles, WHITE PAD and PLATINUM KEOPS

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Dune presents the remodelling of the 2014 showroom with the latest trends for the next 12 months. A space of more than 478,4 yr2 ready to be visited.

The exhibition is divided into four zones:

-Area of rooms: bathrooms, kitchens, lounges and halls among others, with the latest ceramic, stone, glass and wood.

-Technical area: with all range of products offered by Dune, more than 750 products!

-Area of mosaics: a different and enveloping space in which the shapes, colours and finishes of the mosaics hypnotize visitors.

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Dune loves the design, WE ARE DECORATION, which is why we collect the novelties trends, and we follow and interpret them, both fashion and decoration. An intensive analysis of the catways around the world and a deep study of the most innovative decoration fairs are the result of DUNE 2014 Collection. A current collection over the next twelve months has born fruit of research and development: the colors and styles.


2-Fifty Shades of Grey

3-The Midas touch


5-Oriental View


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